Oregon Law Group is one of the smallest law firms in Portland. However, our client base and the sophistication of our transaction experience rival that of the largest firms in the Pacific Northwest. We regularly handle “big firm” deals with the level of service and responsiveness that can be found only in a small law firm. We would be pleased to help you close your next real estate or corporate transaction.

In 2015 alone we closed transactions with an aggregate value in excess of $3.6 billion. Since our inception in 2011 the average value of closed transactions has exceeded $2.2 billion per year.

Oregon Law Group is a member of IR Global. We are connected with other similarly highly recommended lawyers from a growing number of countries around the world. This gives us immediate access to an extensive global network to ask for local advice and keeps us updated on developments on changing international legal issues.


Real Estate

  • We have closed on the acquisition of financing of more than 40 multifamily and office development projects in the past five years. These are highly complex joint venture and structured finance transactions with national real estate equity advisors and their institutional clients. These transactions are generally in the range of $75 million to $250 million in transaction value.
  • OLG lawyers have substantial experience in all legal issues related to multi-family communities, including acquisitions, dispositions, financing, refinancing, development and construction. The transaction value of our multi-family projects completed since 2001 exceeds $7.0 billion.
  • Firm lawyers have, twice in the last year, completed sales of office buildings that were in the middle of construction. These transactions involved complex issues related to financing, accounting and completion warranties.
  • Oregon Law Group attorneys spearheaded a $350 million recapitalization of a multi-state portfolio of multi-family communities. This transaction included the simultaneous closing of the assumption of ten mortgage loans, ten new second mortgage loans, a mezzanine loan and a complicated joint venture relationship between the firm’s fund sponsor client and two institutional private equity funds. Two years later, the same portfolio was recapitalized a second time, at a $500 million transaction value. This transaction added a third institutional investor and included a complicated buy-out of two investors.
  • We have worked on financing development of a commercial condominium in which the residential and retail components of a mixed-use project where owned by separate institutional investors. We have also completed several transactions in which the development project included one or more levels of parking that were segregated into a separate condominium for the benefit of the land seller.
  • Firm attorneys completed a sale/leaseback to a public REIT involving a 30+ property portfolio and a transaction value in excess of $350 million. A number of minority owners and tenant-in-common were bought out of the portfolio at the same time.
  • Firm attorneys are active in the negotiation of commercial leases, including office and retail locations.
  • Firm attorneys worked on financing the development of a multi-family project through a combination of tax-exempt low-income housing bonds and a national private equity fund. This project was the subject of a sale and recapitalization following its completion.
  • A client owned an apartment complex that was secured by a participating mortgage that was under a prepayment lockout. The client desired to convert the apartments into for-sale condominiums. Firm attorneys successfully completed a complicated loan modification that preserved the economics of the mortgage participation feature in the context of condominium sales.


  • Joel Kaplan organized a manufacturer of next-generation solar panels. This company received bridge financing from a European investment bank and later secured financing and cooperative research through a joint venture with a Fortune 100 industrial manufacturer. Joel also assisted the client in negotiating a complex patent licensing relationship with a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory.
  • OLG lawyers helped restructure and recapitalize a privately-held $200 million revenue company by creating multiple classes of ownership and "freezing" the current value into the class held by company founders.
  • OLG lawyers are regularly engaged to work on corporate finance transactions, including venture capital, private equity investments and mergers and acquisitions.

Private Equity

  • OLG lawyers represent a real estate fund complex for which we have formed six discretionary equity funds. These have gathered more than $150 million in investor capital. The funds have assembled a portfolio of over 50 investments with more than $500 million of transaction value. Our work for these funds includes all aspects of fund formation, including limited partnership agreements, private placement memoranda and subscription documents, as well as compliance with fund-specific ERISA, tax and investment company act requirements.
  • The lawyers of OLG are among the few attorneys in the Pacific Northwest with experience in organizing captive real estate equity funds (REITs). These REITs are used by private equity funds to mitigate the effects of unrelated business taxable income (UBTI). In addition to organizing REITs, we have assisted our clients in syndicating the ownership of the REETS in order to comply with IRS requirements that a REITs have at least 100 shareholders.
  • We have worked on the formation and operation of private equity funds involved in a variety of ‘product types’ including those involving traditional long and short securities, mortgage loan funds and non-exchange traded commodities funds. We also regularly assist developer in single property syndications of real estate projects.

Recent Transactions

  • In 2015 Oregon Law Group’s four lawyers closed real estate and corporate transactions with a transaction value in excess of $3.6 billion.
  • We have closed on the acquisition and development/construction financing of more than 45 ground-up multifamily, mixed-use, office and industrial projects since 2011.

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